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Alpes Maritimes France

Alpes Maritimes France

The Alps dives into the Mediterranean Sea. Village and culture in a breathtaking natural setting: Vive la Dolce Vita


Walks in the sky. Heads in the air. With or without motor.
Hautes Alpes France

Hautes Alpes France

Nature in all its splendor. Summits that project into a crystalline blue sky and limpid.


"The paradoxical virtue of reading is to abstract ourselves from the world to find meaning."

Daniel Pennac

"It's good to read between the lines, it tires less eyes."

Sacha Guitry

"Each of our readings leaves a seed that germinates."

Jules Renard

Readings Proposals of books that have challenged us or even passionate about all kinds of themes: novels, documents, biographies, essays, news, comics etc.

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  • "Homo Deus", a brief history of future by Yuval Noah Harari

    "Homo Deus", a brief history of future by Yuval Noah Harari

    Following the exciting reading of "Sapiens", we were eager to read "Homo Deus". After describing in Sapiens "a brief history of humanity" the author begins to imagine at the time of robots and computing growing "a brief history of the future". Will Sapiens survive the incredible revolutions in progress?

  • "Sapiens a brief history of humanity" by Yuval Noah Harari

    Sapiens book

    An exciting book, "best seller" worldwide, which undertakes in 500 pages to trace the history of humanity, the first traces of life to the present day and even after. The particularly didactic and clear book allows to group, to condense the history of human evolution. A real happiness for those who were lost in the dates and key moments of evolution. We will try in this article to offer you a digest of the book. A sort of attempt at a "brief summary" of a "brief history of humanity"!

  • Resistance to the Maquis de Beassac and Célestin Freinet

    Resistance to the Maquis de Beassac and Célestin Freinet

    Emmanuel Saint Fuscien (Doctor in Contemporary History and Lecturer at EHESS) devotes an interesting book to Freinet, under the title "A teatcher at war". Célestin Freinet, whose theses, in a few words, consist in putting the student at the center of learning, lived in Vallouise a few years at the end of the Second World War. His wife Elise Lagier Bruno being from the beautiful high alpine valley. He previously lived in the south of France, campaigned in the communist movement of the Alpes Maritimes and participated in the two world wars of the 20 th century.

  • Marrakech


    The beautiful city of Marrakech in Morocco is fabulous. A town in the country, an oasis at the foot of the Atlas. The impression that the surrounding plains and mountains constantly feed the imperial city as native visitors. Marrakech, one of the most touristic cities in the world, a veritable oasis, in the middle of a vast arid plain almost desert, at the foot of the High Atlas, attracts many tourists.

  • Pinagot : sensory perceptions in the service of history

    "Le monde retrouvé de Louis François Pinagot" d'Alain Corbin

    "Le monde retrouvé de Louis François Pinagot" can be read as a detective novel. Alain Corbin, a historian, takes part in this work in search of the environment of a perfect and total unknown, sabot manufacturer by trade, in the nineteenth century, in the center of France.

  • Three books of crise

    Three books of crises

    We were interested in three exciting books: "French Deconnection", "Le Quai de Ouistreham" and "Carnets de Homs" respectively written by Philippe Pujol, Florence Aubenas and Jonathan Littell. You will discover a small description of each book, then a small and modest comparative reflection.

  • "Voyage en quête de lumière"

    "Voyage en quête de lumière"

    We recommend reading this beautiful and big book about 60 years of travel around the world. The east, near and far, constituting the main destinations of the book. This blog article offers short excerpts and some pictures. Book's extract : "The coming of the great age gives us the privilege to contemplate our own life with the necessary distance to better understand it".