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Alpes Maritimes France

Alpes Maritimes France

The Alps dives into the Mediterranean Sea. Village and culture in a breathtaking natural setting: Vive la Dolce Vita


Walks in the sky. Heads in the air. With or without motor.
Hautes Alpes France

Hautes Alpes France

Nature in all its splendor. Summits that project into a crystalline blue sky and limpid.


"No event comes back."
Bertrand Russell

"There is a spectacle greater than the sea, it is heaven, there is a spectacle greater than heaven, it is the interior of the soul."
Victor Hugo

"The spectacle of the world resembles that of the Olympic Games: some shop there, others pay for themselves, others just watch."

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  • The Great Vallouise Festival

    Vallouise party

    Some pictures (photos and video) of the beautiful popular festival of Vallouise. A friendly and family atmosphere for two days of festivity for the pleasure of holidaymakers, high alpine and Vallouise inhabitant.

  • Vallouise open-air market

    Vallouise open-air market

    Short walk to the outdoor market of Vallouise (all Thursdays) in the Hautes-Alpes (France). Quite confidential out of summer tourist season, it attracts the crowd in July and August. Meeting place as much as buying space...

  • Gap Tallard Air show

    Gap Tallard Air show

    Few pictures and videos of the air meeting of Gap Tallard, in the Hautes-Alpes, which took place on Saturday, May 12, 2018. With the program the Patrouille de France, twirling between mountains and cumulus, but also all kinds of aircraft various and varied.

  • Freinet days in Vallouise

    Freinet days in Vallouise May 2018

     Celestin and Elise Freinet lived in Vallouise during the second world. A symposium, seminar is held with conferences, films and exhibitions on the subject from 8 to 10 May 2018. Discover the program of this event (exhibitions, films, debates, conferences).

  • Altitude Jazz Festival

    Altitude Jazz Festival

    A beautiful twelfth edition of the Jazz Festival of the Briancon Valley. Atmosphere of celebration, beautiful lights, viewers swaying to the rhythms of music. We offer you some pictures of a small selection of concerts we had the chance to wait.

  • Altitude Jazz Festival 2018

    Altitude Jazz Festival 2018

    A beautiful twelfth edition of the Jazz Festival of the Briançon Valley. Atmosphere of celebration, beautiful lights, spectators swaying to the rhythms of music. We offer you some pictures of a small selection of concerts we had the chance to attend.

  • Fartfeulu show at Vallouise Pelvoux (French Alps)

    Fartfeulu show at Vallouise Pelvoux (French Alps)

    A public show, very visual, at the foot of the resort of Pelvoux-Vallouise on the snow front of the ski resort, warmed the atmosphere for the last day of 2017, just before New Year's Eve. A real success that amazed young and old. Some photos and a video offer a preview of the show.

  • "Razzia" film by Nabil Ayouch

    "Razzia" film by Nabil Ayouch

    Razzia a powerful and intelligent movie. Through this film, the director and screenwriter tells us about the evolution and tightness of societies. The realization, the actor and the photography as well as the scenario are particularly successful. We were lucky in our end of the alpine world, in Briançon on October 27, 2017 at the cinema l'Eden, to be able to attend a preview screening of the film... several months before its official release (Release date : March 14 2018).

  • Coupe Icare

    Coupe Icare

    The Icare Cup takes place every year at the site of Saint Hilaire du Touvet near Grenoble in Isère, in September. It is an aerial event focused on free flight, mainly paragliding but not only. Infos and video...

  • Nice Carnival

    Despite this terrible attack of July 14, 2016, Nice remains a festive city especially with its carnival which takes place in February each year for two weeks.

  • Combat naval fleuri Villefranche/Mer

    During the Nice Carnival, the neighboring city of Villefranche sur Mer organizes its own parade in an original way : the Combat Naval Fleuri created at the beginning of the XXth century is the equivalent of the Battle of Flowers in Nice.

  • Wind festival

    The beautiful event died in 2013 after more than twenty years of existence. We keep a nostalgic and joyful memory of it. The occasion to bring out some images of different editions past...

  • Guides Feast

    A few video images of the traditional summer festival of the Briançon guides in the Hautes-Alpes (France) [video].

  • Half Marathon Névache Briançon

    Few pictures of the half marathon seen from inside during a too hot day : idea of thing to do the french Alps or idea of a new chalenge for others! [video]

  • Concert Nino Soardi

    At the end of August a magical moment occurs at the edge of the Queyras (Hautes Alpes) and Piemont. A beautiful festival takes place at the small shelter Nino Soardi. A live band is playing for about an hour of popular tunes (film music, known jazz standard song etc...).