At the end of August a magical moment occurs at the edge of the Queyras (Hautes Alpes) and Piemont. A beautiful festival takes place at the small shelter Nino Soardi. A live band is playing for about an hour of popular tunes (film music, known jazz standard song etc ...).

Border ride

Concert Nino Soardi 12

Few hundred spectators from France and Italy are found in more than 2,600 meters above sea level to share a moment of peace and friendship. It is a little silly to say things like that, but he reigns a real climate of warmth . Is the transboundary nature (the shelter is only a few meters from the border) of the event, the public love nature and mountains and the crystal silence of the mountains ?

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Viso, in the distance, stands in the sky or hovering vultures, curious sounds of the concert (véridique!). Some buff around the slopes a few meters from spectators. Ibex, from the slopes of Bric Bouchet (2998), craning to spy for them this unusual noise.

Video concert Nino Soardi 2017

The Mediterranean Sea seems visible from the Bric Bouchet, one imagines the Gulf of Genoa to profile behind the Po Valley .
The end of the summer, the cool-down (after the flood [essential and welcome !] Of guests) is then on good lines ...


  • Around 800 m hikking ascent. 10 euros for lunch (cheese or sausage + Polenta ).
  • Departure from Valpréveyre (Abries / Queyras sector).
  • Good adress: Lago Verde Refuge in Italy.
  • Lago Verde refuge

Video concert Nino Soardi

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