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Alpes Maritimes France

Alpes Maritimes France

The Alps dives into the Mediterranean Sea. Village and culture in a breathtaking natural setting: Vive la Dolce Vita


Walks in the sky. Heads in the air. With or without motor.
Hautes Alpes France

Hautes Alpes France

Nature in all its splendor. Summits that project into a crystalline blue sky and limpid.

Sport activities

"There is no sport more violent than chess."
Gary Kasparov

"Without the invention of the wheel, the runners of the Tour de France would be condemned to carry their bicycle on the back."
Pierre Dac

"Let the defeated congratulate you on winning."
Lao Tse

Photos or animated images (video ...) etc ... in connection with all kinds of sports activities ...

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  • Rafting at Serre Chevalier

    Rafting at Serre Chevalier

    Mountain sports enthusiasts, we made a great descent of the Guisane in the Serre-Chevalier valley. At the end of July, the heat being stifling, we went in search of a refreshing activity. So we decided to focus on white water sports.

  • Stroll in Auvergne at Lac Pavin

    Lac Pavin

    A short tour in Auvergne gives us the opportunity to offer you some pictures of the superb Lac Pavin

  • Winter hike in Oréac

    Winter hike in Oréac

    A nice ski touring ride, in sealskin (synthetic) or snowshoe to discover a preserved place with a breathtaking panorama of Vallouise (French Alps)

  • Hiking along the Clarée Valley (Névache)

    Hiking along the Clarée Valley

    A little air of paradise floats around this downhill ride that we propose to discover in the valley of Nevache, in the far north of the Hautes-Alpes (France). This with a video, photos but also an interactive 4K 360 ° video.

  • Refuge des Bans

    Walk to the refuge des Bans

    An accessible hike in a magical environment of wild mountains will take you to the refuge des Bans, hidden deep in the valley of the Vallouise. Discovery in 360 ° virtual tours and video...

  • White Glacier Hike

    White Glacier Hike

    The white glacier at the top of the beautiful Vallouise Pelvoux valley attracts many holidaymakers throughout the year. We offer you some images of the glacier, including a 360 ° virtual tour from Madame Carle meadow to the foot of the glacier, but also an interactive 360 ° video and of course plenty of photos.

  • Combe de Narreyroux Via Ferrata

    Combe de Narreyroux Via Ferrata

    A beautiful Via Ferrata called Narreyroux awaits you in the valley of Vallouise. This is a family run. We offer two videos, including an interactive 360 °, and a 360 ° virtual tour to get a glimpse of the ride.

  • Pelvoux Via Ferrata

    Pelvoux Via Ferrata

    A Via Ferrata just outside Pelvoux (better known for its beautiful ski resort) towards Ailefroide which is worth a visit, overlooking the tumultuous Gyr torrent fed by several glaciers of the Ecrins National Park (White, Black, Violets, Sélé etc.)

  • Skiing in Montgenèvre

    Ski Montgenèvre

    Does the price of Montgenèvre ski pass correspond to the service rendered? What are the assets and handicaps of the Hautes-Alpes resort? In this blog post, we present panoramic photos, 360 ° virtual tours in high definition, immersive and interactive 360 ° video and video so you have a complete overview of the ski resort.

  • Skiing on the Milky Way

    Skiing on the Milky Way

    The Milky Way ("Via Lattea" in Italian and "Milky Way" in English) straddling the Franco-Italian border connects the Montgenèvre ski resort with those of Sestriere, Sauze d'Oulx and San Sicario. This is a very large area that hosted the Turin Olympic Winter Games in 2006. A few words and pictures in this blog article to find out if the ski resort is a nice idea to travel?

  • Ski Puy Saint Vincent

    Ski Puy Saint Vincent

    Nestled on the heights of the valley of La Vallouise Puy Saint Vincent has no shortage of assets. As for example to be able to hit the slopes from the top of the Pendine to the plain of Vallouise 1500 meters lower.

  • Pelvoux Vallouise Ski Resort

    Ski Pelvoux Vallouise

    A medium-sized resort nestling at the foot of the Ecrins massif, and the National Park of the same name, awaits you for the practice of winter sports. We offer a full description, photos, videos but also a full HD virtual tour of the alpine ski resort.

  • Hautes-Alpes Weather

    France Hautes-Alpes Weather Links

    The Hautes-Alpes allow a multitude of outdoor activities, most often playful. Many professional activities also depend on the weather. We offer some online forecasting tools but also elements of understanding the top Alpine weather. Indications and information on the web will allow you to establish your own forecasts on the very short term.

  • Obsolescence programmed in the sports sector

    Obsolescence programmed in the sports sector

    Scheduled obsolescence is generally related to household electrical or electronic products. This phenomenon, whether voluntary or not, also exists with regard to sports shoes.

  • Gréolières les Neiges

    Here are some pictures of the Gréolières les Neiges ski resort. It is the nearest ski resort to the sea and coastal areas (Nice, Cannes, Antibes etc...) of the Alpes-Maritimes department.

  • Isola 2000

    Here are some pictures of the Isola 2000 ski resort . This resort is located about 1h15 by car from Nice. It is probablyone of the best snow-covered resort in the Alpes-Maritimes.

  • Auron

    The ski resort of Auron is part of the Mercantour ski resort with Isola resort. There are also common packages for both stations. Auron is located in the town of Saint-Étienne-de-Tinée (department of Alpes-Maritimes). An hour and a half of road allows you to reach the ski resort from Nice.

  • Valberg

    The ski resort of Valberg is composed of several hills distributed in the communes of Péone, Guillaumes and Beuil. Just go from one to the other to browse the station.

  • Half Marathon Névache Briançon

    Few pictures of the half marathon seen from inside during a too hot day : idea of thing to do the french Alps or idea of a new chalenge for others! [video]