A Via Ferrata just outside Pelvoux (better known for its beautiful ski resort) towards Ailefroide which is worth a visit, overlooking the tumultuous Gyr torrent fed by several glaciers of the Ecrins National Park (White, Black, Violets, Sélé etc.)

The galleys of Ailefroide: a course with varying difficulty

The trip takes place above the torrent in an almost canyoning atmosphere even if one is always here several meters above the water. The first section at the end of which it is possible to stop and go back down presents a moderate difficulty. The second stretch, an extension of the first, is much more athletic and physical. Do not hesitate to call a guide to accompany you, if necessary. For a family and bucolic ride, we also recommend the Via Ferrata Narreyroux. For more aerial sensations, the Via Ferrata des Vigneaux at the entrance to the Vallouise valley will satisfy the most addicted to thrills.Via Ferrata Pelvoux

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Via Ferrata video