To be before having

“The consumer society has preferred to have it to the detriment of being.”
Jacques Delors

"The most beautiful and important things in life are free, the most beautiful and important seconds are very expensive"
Coco Chanel

"To sell, say good, to buy say evil.”
Arab proverb

“Once nothing is nothing; nothing twice, it's not much, but for three times nothing, you can already buy something, and for cheap.”
Raymond Devos

Links to pages and articles of this website in connection with product tests, consumer reviews, possible rants, desires or thoughts about what is bought and consumed.

  • Le radeau : fabulous hamburgers

    Le Radeau à l’Argentière la Bessée

    Une gargote, petit snack, en rive droite de la Durance blottie entre le camping local et le stade d’eau vive. Classique, de premier abord. En réalité, non. Coline et Philippe vous accueillent avec gentillesse et sympathie. Une cuisine de qualité et des animations musicales qui méritent de s’y arrêter. Plus d’infos...

  • Turin outside Market

    Turin Market Porta Palazzo

    The Turin Porta Palazzo market is well worth a visit, as some tourist guides describe it, probably mistakenly, as the largest open-air market in Europe. The prices of food would allow all French great savings, especially since the products have all the attractions of a good quality.

  • Turin Palace Hotel

    Turin Palace Hotel

    A nice hotel in the city center of Turin. Located a few meters from the central station Porta Nova, by which trains arrive from the Alps (Oulx for the High Alpine...). The hotel has a really nice spa, ideal for relaxing after a day out in the city center, between shopping or cultural visits.

  • Rowenta Vacuum Cleaner

    Rowenta Vacuum Fault

    A small anecdotal subject of a vacuum cleaner that has become unusable because of a simple flexible hose not designed to last more than 3 or 4 years. Another case of planned obsolescence?

  • Obsolescence programmed in the sports sector

    Obsolescence programmed in the sports sector

    Scheduled obsolescence is generally related to household electrical or electronic products. This phenomenon, whether voluntary or not, also exists with regard to sports shoes.