Some photos and a series of a dozen virtual tours (virtual reality option) connected to each other in La Vallouise a day after a beautiful snowfall. From the entrance of the Vigneaux Valley to Pelvoux via Vallouise and hamlets Villard and Puy Aillaud, stroll through these images in high definition, interactive and 360 °.

The Hautes Alpes or snow in the sun

Marine moisture from the Mediterranean Sea, carried by a wind from the East, or from the Atlantic Ocean carried by the westerly wind often deposits large amounts of snow in Vallouise during the winter months. A flow of north wind, corresponding to the passage of the cold front, then generally releases the sky which turns to the big azure blue. This phenomenon is sometimes associated with a small or large effect of Foehn heating more or less the atmosphere. For more information analysis and understanding of the weather in the Hautes-Alpes, do not hesitate to consult the page devoted to this topic on

Panorama neige en Vallouise

An after day of snow

The azure sky and the first rays of the sun touching the still immaculate snow covering the trees offer a panorama of postcard that we do not tire. The aftermath of beautiful snowfall, nature seems frozen as if time had stopped. Moments conducive to discover the valley differently.

Cross-country skiing, track and snowshoe enthusiasts will evolve whether in Puy Saint Vincent, Pelvoux or in the Vallouise Onde in a real Far North atmosphere. Snowboarders and ski hikers, looking for virgin slopes of all passages will venture, at their own risk to the summit of the White, the Col du Bal and the Narreyroux valley where even in the heart of the Ecrins massif , so wild and icy in the middle of winter.

360 ° virtual tour of La Vallouise under the snow

Click on the links in orange to move in the virtual tour or on the globe Localisation sur une carte to view a map of 360 ° views and access them.

360 ° virtual tour of La Vallouise under the snow to use with a virtual reality helmet

Instructions for use: get a virtual reality headset (a few euros to a few tens of euros, insert your mobile that displays through the link below the virtual visit in full page), go from one place to another by precisely pointing the little cross in the small circle.


Neige En Vallouise 1
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