The author of this modest blog is a little self-promotion inviting you to visit his photographer website. I offer you photos in a wide range of areas.

Corporate photographer

For both businesses and individuals, still or moving images, in addition to memories, are the only thing left of an event. Wedding photography is a typical example, you will find a whole section dedicated to this type of report on my site.

Specialized in corporate reporting (conferences, seminars, corporate seminars) you will find an overview of my work in the corporate section, visible on my website. I work mainly in Nice, Monaco and all over the Côte d'Azur, but I also move without any problem in all France as well as in Europe.
I can also offer you combined services photos and videos.

Photographe à Monaco, Nice, Alpes Maritimes et Hautes Alpes

If you have any needs, for example to illustrate your website, objects that you sell, please take a look at my pack-shot photos.
The virtual tours that I realize will allow you to showcase your product (hotel business, rental ...) to your future customers by allowing them to visit places at 360 ° in high definition as if they were there.

I also produce images for the press, illustrative photos (for real estate, tourism or industry) or even panoramic in very high definition. Depending on your needs I can also make aerial photos, as evidenced by some sections of this blog.

More info and images here