A little self-promotion in favor of the author and webmaster of the blog Ovalp.com, Gilles Ehrentrant who writes the lines you are reading. I practice professionally the job of web integrator and offers you a little overview of the services that I can offer to enhance your presence on the web.

A 360 ° web service

Website creation and SEO

Hard to do today, for any service (service, sale etc ...) an effective presence on the web! Your fingerprint on the web must be complete and multiple. This is why we propose to realize your website by optimizing it so that it is well referenced in the results of the search engines (Goole, Bing, Qwant etc ...). This native optimization will not replace a continuous referencing process over the months and years. Far is the time, at the beginning of the web, where we created web sites that did not do anything anymore and remained at the top of the requests. Hyper competition forces now to carry out continuous optimization actions without forgetting the essential technical maintenance of the updated type of CMS of Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla etc. type.

Aggence web

Attractiveness and ergonomics

Once the customer potential has arrived on your site, it must be convinced to stay there to eventually make a request for information or even better make a purchase. We put in place all kinds of multimedia illustrations (photos, videos, virtual visits, etc.) but also online sales solutions to strengthen your presence.

Functionality and social networks

The ergonomics and speed of your website is one of our concerns at all times. We also advise you about your presence on social networks (advice, assistance or support).

Why call a professional when it is easy to find simple and free solutions to do this even a website. Simply because these free solutions have pretty much as only deserves to be free. A maxim says "if the product is free then you are the product".

Do not hesitate to consult our web services web site, our rates are competitive. Even if an effective web presence requires work and a real shot, it is nothing compared to the expected and future benefits that you will achieve through a well-considered investment ...