"If you can not think, walk, if you think too much, walk, if you think badly, walk again."

Jean Giono

"My right foot is jealous of my left foot, and when one advances, the other wants to pass it, and I, like a fool, walk!"

Raymond Devos

Ideas of hike of all kinds to discover by clicking on this page links.

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  • Stroll in Auvergne at Lac Pavin

    Lac Pavin

    A short tour in Auvergne gives us the opportunity to offer you some pictures of the superb Lac Pavin

  • Winter hike in Oréac

    Winter hike in Oréac

    A nice ski touring ride, in sealskin (synthetic) or snowshoe to discover a preserved place with a breathtaking panorama of Vallouise (French Alps)

  • Hiking along the Clarée Valley (Névache)

    Hiking along the Clarée Valley

    A little air of paradise floats around this downhill ride that we propose to discover in the valley of Nevache, in the far north of the Hautes-Alpes (France). This with a video, photos but also an interactive 4K 360 ° video.

  • Refuge des Bans

    Walk to the refuge des Bans

    An accessible hike in a magical environment of wild mountains will take you to the refuge des Bans, hidden deep in the valley of the Vallouise. Discovery in 360 ° virtual tours and video...

  • White Glacier Hike

    White Glacier Hike

    The white glacier at the top of the beautiful Vallouise Pelvoux valley attracts many holidaymakers throughout the year. We offer you some images of the glacier, including a 360 ° virtual tour from Madame Carle meadow to the foot of the glacier, but also an interactive 360 ° video and of course plenty of photos.

  • Ibex of the Cerces (French Alps)

    Ibex of the Cerces (French Alps)

    The ibex des Cerces is observed either from Hautes Guisane, in Briançonnais country, or from the beautiful wild valley of Clarée (Névache). The animal, always placid, except during the period of rut, seems to come straight from prehistory and is easily approached. Which is not a reason to disturb him. Some tips, photos and a video of the big goat (Capra ibex).

  • Panorama of the Écrins massif

    Panorama of the Écrins massif

    We offer two high-definition images of the Écrins massif, facing Hautes Alpes, from around the Janus summit in the commune of Montgenèvre. The area just above the Gondrans chalets, aptly named, is called the "Observatory". Location accessible in winter from the ski slopes of Montgenèvre resort. Many high peaks point their peaks in the sky, easily identifiable from the sources of the Durance.

  • Hautes-Alpes Weather

    France Hautes-Alpes Weather Links

    The Hautes-Alpes allow a multitude of outdoor activities, most often playful. Many professional activities also depend on the weather. We offer some online forecasting tools but also elements of understanding the top Alpine weather. Indications and information on the web will allow you to establish your own forecasts on the very short term.

  • Hiking and panorama at Mont Clapier

    Hiking and panorama at Mont Clapier

    A long hike from the Gordolasque valley, accessible from Vésubie in the Alpes-Maritimes. Nearly 1400 meters of elevation will offer you an exceptional panorama from Mont Blanc, the Swiss Alps, to the north, to Mercantour and to the Mediterranean Sea to the south.

  • Circuit in the "vallée des Merveilles"

    Vallée des Merveilles

    A great idea for a weekend getaway, with friends, family or even alone is to make the tour of the Valley of Wonders in the Alpes Maritimes. It is a fairly long but historically interesting route, through the ancient engravings on the rock, and also presenting a fabulous natural attraction as the places are beautiful and the fauna varied and rich, especially in ungulates.

  • Panorama from the Morgon

    Pic de Morgon

    The hike of Grand Morgon or Pic de Morgon will offer you a breathtaking 360 ° view of the lake of Serre Ponçon, the Gapençais but also the Embrunnais. Anticipate the day return to perform the ride. Panoramic images from the summit.

  • Ibex of the Vercors

    Ibex of the Vercors

    A beautiful walk in the Vercors to the summit of Grand Veymont at 2341 meters above sea level allowed us to observe and photograph many ibexes. We also offer a panoramic 360 ° photo from the summit of the Grand Veymont with a glimpse of Mont Blanc 150 km away but also views of the peaks of the Ecrins massif, more easily recognizable (Barre des Ecrins, Meije etc....).

  • Hiking at Mont Guillaume

    Mont Guillaume

    A hike over the artificial lake of Serre Ponçon to enjoy a panoramic view of Embrun, the turquoise waters of the lake, Savines Lake, Gap and hillsides, the Orres ski resort but also the Grand Morgon almost at hand. The summit hosts a massive stone chapel that seems to have been built to cope with the swiftest windstorms.

  • Val d'Aoste

    Val d'Aoste

    A long valley on the other side of Chamonix, just east of Mont Blanc enjoying an Italian Dolce Vita atmosphere. Many centers of interest and natural places more majestic than the others allow you to spend a relaxing or dynamic stay.

  • Hiking at the lakes Miroir and Sainte Anne

    Hiking at the lakes Miroir et Sainte Anne

    A beautiful loop starting from the Melezet (1692m) to the mirror lake (2215m) and then to Lake Sainte Anne (2407m) will offer you varied and wild landscapes alternating under woods and alpine pastures. It is possible to bivouac at the first lake taking care to protect from the cold and the... mosquitoes in the late summer.

  • Panorama Vallouise Ecrins from Oreac

    Panorama Vallouise Ecrins from Oreac

    We invite you to take a look at a 1732 million pixel (1.7 GB) megapixel HD panoramic picture representing the Vallouise valley and the Ecrins massif from the Oreac plateau above Puy Saint Vincent.

  • La Blanche

    Hiking La Blanche Vallouise France

    A nice hiking idea in the Vallouise valley is to leave the hamlet of Puy Aillaud (1580 meters above sea level), to reach the summit of Blanche (2953 meters above sea level) and its superb panorama towards the Pelvoux.

  • Chapel "Le Corbusier"

    Chapel "Le Corbusier"

    The Chapel Notre Dame du Haut on the hill of Bourlémont (commune of Ronchamp), in Burgundy Franche Comté, will offer you a moment of calm and relaxation; especially if you find the way to visit places outside school holiday periods or "big" religious celebrations.

  • Puy Aillaud lake

    Lake Puy Aillaud (2534 meters) is accessible in about 2 to 4 hours, depending on your pace, from the hamlet (1600 m) of the same name. This lake rounded measuring about 60 meters in diameter.

  • Belvedere three refuges

    The viewpoint of the three refuges (2350 meters) is located in the High Alps (Hautes Alpes, 05) in Pelvoux even if the start and most of the ride takes place in Vallouise. The lookout is located in the National Park Ecrins.