Aircraft / Aviation

"What matters is not knowing where you come from but where you are going"
American Proverb

"All adultss were first children, but few remember."
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

"Once you have tasted the flight, you will walk forever with your eyes turned to heaven, for that is where you have gone, and that is where you will always long to return."
Leonardo DeVinci

All kinds of flying machines with or without engines, with wings or blades, with soft or rigid wings, heavier or lighter than air, leisure or not: planes, gliders, paragliding, helicopters...


  • Air Rescue of the Gendarmerie (DAG) of Briançon (France), PGHM and CRS mountain

    Helicopter rescue PGHM Briançon French Alps

    A few drops of blood pearled from his right ear. Straight leg as disarticulated, the axis of the pelvis more than 60 ° of the shoulders. One eye slightly open and the other closed, flickering lips. Irregular moans, like a protest. It's nice, very beautiful. The azure sky could suggest a beautiful summer day but an unbearable drama shoots the atmosphere...

  • Aircraft photo exhibition

    Aviation Photos

    Some series of diverse and varied images of flying machines. Pacific, military, jet, piston or without engine, fixed or rotary wing but always directed by a pilot. A main image, accompanied by photos of the same series, trying to tell a beginning of history.

  • Gap Tallard Air show

    Gap Tallard Air show

    Few pictures and videos of the air meeting of Gap Tallard, in the Hautes-Alpes, which took place on Saturday, May 12, 2018. With the program the Patrouille de France, twirling between mountains and cumulus, but also all kinds of aircraft various and varied.

  • Mountain helicopter aerial work

    Mountain helicopter aerial work

    Two or three times a year, mountain refuges use the mechanical power of the helicopter to climb altitudes of food and materials of all kinds. In a few minutes of flight the helicopter routes which will accommodate tourists, mountaineers and mountain climbers in shelters perched in the mountains, real guardians of the peaks. A short video shows you aerial ballet in action.

  • French Rivera from the sky

    French Rivera from the sky

    The French Riviera has attracted the world for over a century. A holiday resort for the European nobility, then the bourgeoisie and finally the largest number, it is a magnificent space, inevitably, heavily occupied by human constructions in its coastal zone. Aerial photos often allow a better understanding of what is happening between Cannes and Menton via Nice and Monaco...

  • Forest fires in the Alps

    Forest fires in the Alps

    Some images from our archives of the impressive forest fire at Vigneaux in the valley of Vallouise in 2003. 2003 was a year of hot weather throughout France but also the theater of many fires in the Paca region. A recent walk under the very airhead Tête d'Amont (Montbrison massif), also visible from the Oreac plateau (see photo HD) gave us the idea to bring out old photos of relief in action, including Canadairs CL 415.

  • Coupe Icare

    Coupe Icare

    The Icare Cup takes place every year at the site of Saint Hilaire du Touvet near Grenoble in Isère, in September. It is an aerial event focused on free flight, mainly paragliding but not only. Infos and video...

  • EC145 French safety force

    The Eurocoptère EC145 is a twin-engine used in France by both the Civil Security and the Gendarmerie Nationale. The real name of this helicopter is BK 117 C2 (turbine Turboméca Ariel 1E2 of 360 hp), it is manufactured by Eurocopter Germany.

  • Super Puma

    The helicopter is an indispensable tool for some work. It allows to lift heavy loads in areas often inaccessible (mountain, ravine, forests, sea etc...) otherwise than by way of air.

  • Guides Feast

    A few video images of the traditional summer festival of the Briançon guides in the Hautes-Alpes (France) [video].

  • Canadair

    The Canadair CL 415, from the Canadian company Bombardier, is the only water bomber aircraft specifically designed for firefighting. This aircraft made its first flight in 1993.