The wildlife care center allowed us to attend a unique moment, presented on the video below [video].

Release of a young eagle [Video]

This organization is responsible for the care of injured wild animals in order to enable them to return to their original environment. This "let go" took place on the southern slope of the col du Galibier at the place known as "Rocher des Curieux", at about 2400 meters altitude on a day of great west wind on July 28, 2017.
The eagle in question, about two years old, stayed a few months at the health center. The Parc des Ecrins in collaboration with the association Aquila thus carried out at the same time an action of awareness and pedagogy for the public largely present on the spot. The public event was widely advertised on the websites below but also in the local press and social networks.Lacher aigle galibierThe eagle instead of flying very quickly, which is usually the case, stayed 5 minutes (5'16 '' to be exact) before deciding to return to its environment. He took his time to observe the spectators, then scrutinize the surroundings of his piercing glance, before flying away, a little motivated by his healer (Michel Phisel)...

A big thank you to the association Aquila [member of the French Union of Centers for the Protection of Wild Fauna (UFCS)] and to the Parc des Ecrins for this unique and magical moment ...

Golden eagle video

Slow speed take off


Infos about the Aquila center Hautes Alpes Alpes de Hautes provence

Centre de soins de la faune sauvage
La Bergerie
05110 Plan de Vitrolles

Tel  04 92 54 74 31 / 06 77 97 21 22

For better efficiency, if you find an animal injured or in distress> Please send an SMS to the health center at 0677972122 indicating the species, commune, department and cause (if known).

Photos of the eagle liberation with Michel Phisel

Lacher Aigle Galibier 1
Lacher Aigle Galibier 6
Lacher Aigle Galibier 2
Lacher Aigle Galibier 3
Lacher Aigle Galibier 4
Lacher Aigle Galibier 5
Lacher Aigle Galibier 7
Lacher Aigle Galibier 9
Lacher Aigle Galibier 8