Vipers, source of fantasy and multiple belief. Risk, especially in the Alps, where it is not uncommon to come across, is it important? Where does this phobia that many seem achieved?

Die from a viper bite ? Human mortality following a viper bite in the Alps

 Snake bites in the world seem , according to WHO (World Health Organization ), the cause of many deaths. More than well-known diseases such as cholera dengue etc. .... Asia is the riskiest region (India head).
Snakes in the Alps are much less deadly. It seems that there is a viper that is not life-threatening. You should know that it does not spontaneously attack humans except to defend themselves. Should walk on it or try to catch it with your bare hands, or scare him turning a stone under which it shelters .
The figures are commonly accepted about 1,000 bites per year in France (in nature) followed by 10 % of hospitalization (100) and 1 to 5 deaths typically associated with allergic problems or weaknesses of health (related to fragility age, heart disease etc ...).

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If bitten, do not panic, summoning assistance (Dial 15 in France), lie to avoid circulating blood so the venom, no tourniquets or burning cigarettes (!) ... etc. ..
The aspivenom pumps are effective but possibly just after the bite. The snakes are a protected species, they present snakes on picture on this page were found dead (accidentally crushed by a car, killed by another animal etc ...).

Practical infos

The fear of snakes

This phobia probably stems from several causes :
One reason idea ancestral (African origin of man etc ...), the snake at risk of death (low for the vipers of the Alps, especially today with the aid) since the dawn of time ...
Some sees a cultural and religious background (in occident), the snake is the symbol of sex, hard banned, others contradict it (Adam and Eve ... The serpent told Eve to eat the fruit of the etc. forbidden tree ... source of evil etc ...)